Free Poker Cash


This is essentially the same as free poker money but at the time I think it referred to a site by that name that was involved in the whole free bankroll deal that was big back then.

Man, those were the days. We literally had dozens of different free offers for poker players. If you were clever you could build up quite a reasonable sized bankroll just by using properly the various offers.


of course people didn't use them properly. Most players had no respect for the free cash - probably because it was free - and they played wildly and blew it rather quickly. 

Then the offers became unprofitable for the sites that were giving them. And no profit meant no more free money.

It is unfortunate that things go this way, but it is not the first time that this kind of thing happened in the online gambling space.

Casino bonus busting

Back in the very early days of online gambling, around about 2000 and going on for maybe three or four years, there were crazy profit opportunities in the casino bonus area.

I realise that this was before many of today's gamblers were actually born, or old enough to gamble, but they were interesting times.

To a generation of gamblers that grew up with a fairly established online gambling scene, this might sound a bit unbelievable. But here goes.

When casinos first went online, there was a bit of a land rush, and so the first bonuses came out. Some of these bonus deals had no rollover requirements - I didn't get any of those - and even when they started to put restrictions on the deals, the rollover requirements were incredibly low.

The first bonus offer that I completed had a rollover requirement of just one. That meant that I needed to gamble the amount of the bonus to clear the bonus.

I mean. Really.

But yeah, they were good times for the players, maybe not so good for the casinos. I did know back then of a guy that made a business of clearing bonuses for people. When he had cleared all the available bonuses in his own name, he started using his family members details to create new accounts to get more bonuses.

Eventually he had a list of good bonuses, and he went around to peoples houses with his laptop, created accounts for them and cleared the offers.

Splitting the profits 50 50 he made enough from that to pay off his mortgage. Or at least, that is what he said, and I had no reason not to believe him. I had cleared some bonuses myself, but nothing like the amount that he did.

If you are wondering why I didn't, well, I was busy doing my own thing. Like I said, there were mad opportunities in online gambling when it all started to kick off. The first four or five years of this century were I think the golden days for online gamblers that knew what they were doing.

Of course, some of the sites that started out then are still going strong now, but many have failed and are forgotten.

There's a bit of nostalgia for you.